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TreeHouse focuses on holistic development of students. Courses based on life skills expose students to the practical aspect of mastering skill sets required for exponential growth in today’s competitive world.
The aim of TreeHouse is to offer a bouquet of ​life skills program to meet the aspirational needs of students. Widening access and implementing quality practical training, underlie our endeavor to meet the needs of industry, business, service sector & society at large. TreeHouse aims to contribute towards the creation of a holistic and integrated platform for
meeting the end objective of creating employable youth and entrepreneurs for the nation.

Our Courses

financial Literacy

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Artificial intelligence

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beauty & wellness

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1.       What do we do?

We are a team of people from diverse backgrounds, ranging from finance to marketing, teaching to quality control, who transform small ideas into larger trend setting paths.

We have our own platforms for imparting knowledge at a very young age.

2.       Will it help my child?

Yes, definitely. The skills are an add - on to other school subjects. While the school lays the foundation stone for higher education, our program helps in achieving life skills that add value to your life. Life skills build confidence and ensure clarity of thought to choose your future career path. Most importantly, study of life skills unfolds the direction and the path to follow your inner voice that is missing in today’s world.

3.       Why start at such a young age?

The brain produces millions of neurons every day. Neurons develop connections based on response to stimuli. Starting young keeps you ahead of others vying to be future critical thinkers, decision makers, innovators etc. Neurons help build strong emotional intelligence that leads to a better life in an ever-growing competitive environment.

4.       What is the Growth Mindset?

Growth in various forms - not just physical but cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual is very important. The above, if addressed well in the early years of life coupled with real life experiences and interactions, leads to a balanced mindset.

5.       What is the short term & long term benefit of this course?

There are numerous benefits. Cognitive skills, divergent thinking and logical problem-solving skills that make you a winner in real life situations are enhanced.

Both the short- and long-term goals of life skills enable an individual face future challenges effectively and efficiently. 

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